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Expara Asia Ventures

Expara Asia Ventures (EAV) was launched in late 2017. It is an early-stage venture accelerator and fund which invests in the growth of scalable, innovative start-ups in Southeast Asia (SEA) through its multiple acceleration programs.

Through a stringent selection process, EAV accelerators identify highly-promising start-ups early in their development and work with them intensively over the course of three-to-four months to get the company into the best shape possible. Each acceleration program culminates in an event called a Demo Day, at which start-up graduates present to a broad audience which includes industry experts, potential business partners and interested investors. Start-ups of EAV’s accelerator programmes will also receive receive seed investment through the form of Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) from EAV to help build initial momentum in their business.

EAV focuses on seed-stage companies, across high-growth sectors, originating in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan although we may also consider promising ventures from other countries in SEA. Our regional SEA strategy will both contribute significantly to the success of our companies and help generate attractive returns for our investors.

View highlights of Expara Asia Ventures portfolio below and for all of Expara investments, you can check HERE