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Life Sciences & Med Tech Accelerator Program


Life Sciences & Med Tech Accelerator Program 

Expara Thailand is currently running the Life Sciences & Med Tech Accelerator Program hosted by Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) and MPARA (Thailand MedTech Venture Creation).

Ten potential commercializable IP, scalable research and full-time teams in the fields of medtech, biotech and healthtech were selected to participate in the accelerator program and will receive initial acceleration funding (stage 1 funding) from Expara with a fund matching partner.  At the end of the program, the top 2-5 companies will receive seed funding (stage 2 funding) from Expara and potentially from a fund matching partner.  

Expara will run the 150-days structured accelerator program based on a combination of our highly successful accelerator programs and our intensive incubation and mentoring programs for start-ups, which we have been conducting in SEA since 2007.  The acceleration program is designed to ensure that project teams learn from the assigned facilitators, Douglas Keith Abrams and Rosalind Tan Yan Ching and to make it to Demo Day for fundraising.  The teams who graduate from our accelerator will be ready for commercialization and fundraising and will potentially have reference customers and initial revenue.

Expara will co-invest and accelerate potentially scalable start-up businesses – maximizing the program’s potential by focusing on those with proprietary intellectual property and technologies, potentially large markets, strong full-time management teams, a well-developed business model and sustainable competitive advantage. These factors give accelerator companies the potential to significantly scale their revenues and company value within a relatively short period of time.