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Rosalind Tan

Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President at Expara and Expara IDM Ventures, Partner (Malaysia) Expara Ventures III

Since joining Expara in 2011, Rosalind has coached and mentored 25 potential spin-offs from A*STAR (across industry verticals), of which more than half has since spun-off or received follow-on funding. Two of the spin-offs that she mentored went on to receive the prestigious Demo Guru award at the 2012 Demo Asia event in Singapore. She has helped these startups write business plans and create financial plans. Rosalind manages both Expara IDM Ventures and Expara IDM Ventures II, and is Managing Director of Expara Malaysia. Rosalind is an advisor to the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) in Malaysia and to a leading Singapore biotechnology startup, Acumen Research Laboratories. Prior to joining Expara, she has worked as a scientist in labs in the UK, US, Malaysia and Singapore.  Rosalind also took on additional responsibility as a Business Development Manager at the Doping Control Centre, Malaysia in 2007. She closed deals and managed clients in a range of industries including solar power, oil and gas, healthcare and food manufacturing companies.

Rosalind’s experience with entrepreneurship began in high school when she headed the newly established Youth Enterprise in fund raising and income generating activities. In university, she was actively involved in AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organization providing young people with an opportunity to participate in international internships. Rosalind and her team pioneered the organization and execution of a state-level NGO project and a student assessment center.

As a PhD student in Glasgow University, UK, Rosalind, in addition to working on her thesis project, made it a point to learn more about entrepreneurship through courses in Technology Venture Management at Strathclyde University, and was eventually sponsored to attend the Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning Summer School at Cambridge University.  Rosalind has an MBA in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School.

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